Monday, 26 December 2011

E-book now giveable as a gift introduced an e-book gift feature on Christmas Day. This means you can give Blackbirch Woods (and other Smashwords e-books) as a gift by clicking on the "Give as a gift" button at checkout... it will be sent to their e-mail address. The recipient need not have a Smashwords account.

I know, some of you are thinking, why not sell e-books through Amazon? While my book is available on Amazon as a paperback, they maintain propriety over their Kindle format and charge authors to make the book available as an e-book... whereas Smashwords provides the conversion service at no charge (I pay only a small service fee when the book is purchased) AND they provide the book in formats for ALL e-readers-- not just Kindle.

Friday, 9 December 2011

How more of what you spend can go to orphans....

I had forgotten to post that considerably more of what you pay for the book will go to orphans when you order through CreateSpace's e-Store rather than Amazon. For the CreateSpace e-Store link, scroll down slightly and the link is on the right sidebar, below the e-book version link.

A side note- today our Elementary School completed its Christmas Project, collecting enough cloth to clothe nearly 300 children, and flip-flops for children as well (I missed the number). Two agencies who serve orphans were represented and they brought several children who were introduced. Some had been in the orphanage more than half of their lives, yet you could see how well cared-for they were and how loved they felt receiving new clothing for Christmas in the name of Jesus. It was a really wonderful moment!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Your Gift Can Give Twice!

For the month of December, all royalties from paperback and e-book versions of Blackbirch Woods will be donated to support AIDS orphans and widows through Mashiah Foundation. Give Blackbirch Woods as a gift, and know that it will also give to the "least of these" in Nigeria. Merry Christmas!!