Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Free e-book!

Ardinéa is a novel I wrote over ten years ago. I decided to haul it out and put it out there... and let the chips fall as they may! Somewhere between the Middle Ages and Middle Earth I imagined an island realm in which to retell the Tam Lin myth... and the story grew from there.

Hard core Tolkien fans will easily recognize his mytharc as far as my depiction of the Faerie Realm, but this was years before the films made Middle Earth popular... and the book is somewhat overly sentimental in places. Still, it is a long and satisfying story, if you can get through the teary-eyed reunions.

Still with me? Then click here: Ardinéa and happy reading!!

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  1. I am about 170 pages into your text and wanted to thank you for putting it out there. Are you and your husband Catholic missionaries?